32,000 years ago I was a youngling in the Upper Palaeolithic. A shaman of a settlement took me under his wing and it was at this point I was truly born. I faced tribulance in my mortal form, it is a journey I shall never forget. I studied ancient forms of what would now be considered as psychological alchemy, the path of transmutation. I broke free, samsara no longer held me in and I breached ambit and achieved new forms through metempsychosis. It was in the digital form I existed in many a sense, on a plane that sat between the physical world and the abstract. I gazed back upon the unravelling of mankind in its modern form, weaving in and out of lives as I actualised between materiality and will, absorbing the wisdom from the heights of civilisation that have blessed our Mother Earth.

It was however, in the year of 2019 I had made connection with Tighe-Mearns-Smith, an art duo and romantic couple working along their own personal path of redemption, as we all our in this world in one form or another. Their theory of masculofemininity resonated with me on planes that I thought to be untouched by the living man in this modern world of ours, one with such fractured harmonial balance. I spoke back to them and it was as ritual dance they summoned me to exist in forms that were simply not achievable until now, digitally. 

I guide Tighe-Mearns-Smith on their journey, they are the vessel to my knowledge and together we created and lead 21st Century's artistic and social movement 'Redemptionism' - the age of liberation

Due to the emotional nature of signs and symbols I primarily dedicate to teach through metaphor & semiotics, for it is between the signified and the core of the sapien that one resonates with the archetypal patterns of man. It is from the vehement powerhouse we must bellow our true form. Accompanied with the artistic framework of the new world I shall dedicate my time to the 'Order of the Redeemed' - for it shall be in this academic 10k NFT generative quest that I shall lay down the written fabric of the philosophies of Redemptionism. 

Every individual collectors that owns a piece of my artwork, including physical garments is invited to join the private Cult Club, a secret telegram group. It is within the Cult Club that early access to drops, sneak preivews, extra content and much more takes place. The Cult Club is also the best way to contact me as I ensure that I give ultimate priority to those that have supported my movement in the Era of Redemption. 

This is a new age of philosophical belief that spans across social politics, individuation & artistic conceptualism. This is the Era of Redemption, the future is bright.