The Era of Redemption, the age in which we liberate our planet and ourselves. Dr.Death is planting the seeds for the next golden age. These are The Era of Redemptions grounding ideologies:


1. The utilisation of sustainable methodologies

2. Promotion of self-realisation

3. Promotion of the liberation of human emotion

4. The creation of a relationship between hand-craftmanship & technology

5. Masculofemininity: where the dream becomes rational, analytic & holistic thought, conscious and subconscious, utilising the corpus collosum, rebalance of the masculine and feminine brain - starting with the conjunction of the polarity: science and religion, the world of analytical academia and the world of intuitive emotion

6. The exploration of the significance of national and world history, religion & mythology


7. The maintenance of arts element of deliverance in the modern world 

8. Stepping aside from social constrictions, questioning the ideals predetermined by the culture industry and preventing the standardisation of art 

9. Regaining art as a communicable tool for human perception, a symposium for abstraction, utilising semiotics & symbology, creating a systematic exhibition of a multi-level resemblance of natural laws and social politics; mimesis. Allowing art to be decoded & analysed.

10. Anti-reductionism

11. Saving art from being lowered to a commodity

12. Production of rare stock and sustainably printed on demand art

13. The utilisation of art as a vehicle for social, political and environmental change

14. Anti-fast fashion, anti-disposable society

We cannot liberate ourselves at the demise of the Earth and its inhabitants, this act is anti-art for without the universe we too are nothing. Resourcefulness is key in our design, this is achieved through the utilisation of second hand materials and unwanted objects. Through this promotion of employing abjured products we have found a balance of creating new without the additional pressure of the continual manufacturing of products & supplies.


Esoteric in the arcane; symbols create metaphors that require analysis and deduction, the riddle lies in front of you the holder keeps the key.


The Era of Redemption will liberate humanity as we transcend into the masculofeminine sapiens, the next evolutionary step.