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First EVER sale utilising the co-ownership protocol 

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High-end art always seems like a key investment but as we see pieces sell for millions it is inaccessible for the majority of investors

But what if there was a way to co-own an investment?

I have partnered up with Antic to offer exactly this. The NFTs will be ‘fractionalised’, what we mean by this is that a group of individuals can come together and co-own a piece, each of them owning a percentage of the asset and with the ability to trade their percentage independently as they please. This ability to co-own luxury assets will soon be common place so we are very excited to be at the front line of the merger of art, technology and finance. The ability to have on-chain easily verifiable certification of a percentage of an asset will revolutionise other facets of commercial life too: real estate, car ownership, family owned assets, it will be huge!

"We provide a smooth, safe and social entry into the NFT space. Users will be able to collaborate, bid and purchase artwork as a group. We provide live support and a tutorial explaining more about this process. Once users purchase an NFT, they can sell a portion of their ownership or collaborate with others to sell the NFT as a secondary sale. Oh, and we even support credit card transactions, so no need to mess around with digital wallets.” - Antic



We must begin by learning from within. As we stare into that inner place where thoughts collide with emotion, the abyss teaches us the vehemence of the powerhouse, the core of the sapien. The light comes to us from all angles, our free will becomes the gatekeeper of the door, the tolerant or dismissive passageway of receptiveness. To deny oneself the questions that we seek in fear of what we may learn is to repress the innocent wonder. As the light comes in the epiphany becomes reality. To understand the self is to understand the whole, where the animosity of the natural human meets the innate intelligence of the rational being. The natural death affirms to the body that once was not enough. As phoenix rises brilliantly the sapien comes into being by itself.



The metaphorical balance of the duality of the brains hemispheres is paramount to ensure a well developed individual. Golden eras represent a society that values and supports a balance. In turn the individuals experience that same balance, when both the right and left side of the brains are actively engaged they enhance one another through the corpus callosum which acts as a gateway to allow each side to work in tandem. As an individual actively engages in left and right sided activities frequently the effect on the brain is phenomenal, new neural pathways are created, focus is heightened, recall is improved, electrical impulses pass freely between the two at an increasing rate. The brain is a muscle and just like the rest of the body it needs to be trained, looked after and nourished if we are to utilise its potential. A vital step in training is the balance and active utilisation of the masculofeminine duality.

1/1 NFT

SOLD 0.5ETH (£1,500) DEC 2021



Symbols create metaphors that in turn can be decoded. The more we focus our brain on abstract thought of the inner Self we are able to climb the ladder of spirituality. As we transcend through the depths of the human mind we unlock new planes of thought that were before unreachable. As we climb the ladder to the gates of utopia we see that there are yet more ladders. Personal growth is infinite, and with each level we grow closer to understanding. Being complete, living in a harmonious society, one with the universe. As we reach up above to the heavens, we must grow our roots firmly into the soils of the subconscious.

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We see history repeat itself with impulses of scientific booms and religious beliefs. Ideologies rise, conquer and fall as civilizations are lost in time taking with them their shared perspective. Progressive impulses in human intelligence have equal and opposite reactions as we see civilizations go from golden ages of science, art and philosophy to dark ages of unbalance, violence and backwardness. The psychology of life circles itself as moon revolves around the earth and the earth around the sun. An unbalance on science, art and philosophy plagues in society plagues the mind; Virulence is the antonym. Balance is the key, utopia the scene. Step into a future where religious mysticism lights the corners of abstraction and rational thought analysis the chasm of the void. Peer into the future as we witness the next evolutionary step, the masculofeminine human, the redemption of the balance of the three integral pillars of human perception, art, philosophy & science.

1/1 NFT

SOLD: 1.3ETH (£2,567) JAN 2022



Official music video from album Thesis as seen at 7 film festivals worldwide

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