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Art holds an equal if not more impressive communicable function as language and in turn is able to be decoded and analysed with the same respect. Through the use of symbols, imagery, conceptual thought, mathematics and colour art is able to become a place to discuss real world topics as well as abstract concepts with exact thinking and reasoning. With this mindset the observer is able to participate directly within the ratiocination of art.


  Art holds the power to demonstrate the real waking world by systematically exhibiting a multi-level resemblance of natural laws and social politics; mimesis. Art creates a space to allow a conversation of abstruse concepts and affairs to be balanced and managed. The quality of art as a communicative function creates a relationship between the artwork and the observer.


It is important to allow art the use of metaphorical visual language to become a podium of intellect, a symposium of consultation. With the use of these key components art is able to connect with the audience on both a conscious level and an emotional subconscious level simultaneously.

It is with this in mind that I welcome you to the abstract symposium of the Era of Redemption where a discussion can take place of the keystones of Redemptionism: masculofemininity, self-realisation, anti-reductionism and the abstract wonder of human intuition. Art to me is a conjunction of analytical academia and the world of intuitive emotion. The duality of these realms, masculine analysis and feminine intuition is the first integral step as we begin to transcend into masculofeminine sapiens.

Welcome to the Era of Redemption, my friends.