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'Genesis Token' SOLD OUT on Zilliqa


Official partnership with Polygon Studios & Antic



Private portal live now on Polygon

Wilcuma, my friends. Allow me to present the roadmap for The Order of the Redeemed, 21st century’s mystery school of philosophy. Accompany me as I actualise a new world of meaning to 10k generative art: an anti-reduciontist, holistically academic, carbon negative NFT quest.


The Order of the Redeemed is harmoniously balanced between Zilliqa & Polygon; 10k tokens will be unleashed across the two blockchains. Each token purchased will redeem a generative NFT and enrol the individual as a Keeper of the Knowledge of The Order of the Redeemed.


The Genesis Token Release simultaneously inaugurates the interactive Dr.Death Portal, powered by Antic on the Polygon blockchain. Keepers of the Knowledge are able to unlock the portal with their Polygon Token to enjoy NFT drops, exclusive content and much more.


The tokens will be available in three stages: Genesis, Exodus & Revelation, two early access drops of 300 and the final Revelation drop of 9400. The reveal of the generative artwork will follow the Revelation drop.

As with all Dr.Death works there are no commercial or copyright transferred upon purchase. 

Sunday 8th May Early Access Genesis token Drop

Friday 13th May Roadmap Release

Thursday 18th May Prospectus of The Order

Thursday 26th May Unveiling of Dr.Death's new website

Thursday 2nd June Unlocking of portal features (1)

Thursday 9th June Utility revealed

Sunday 19th June AMA powered by Antic

Thursday 23rd June Unlocking of portal features (2)

Sunday 3rd July Early access Exodus token drop

Thursday 7th July Sustainability pledge

Thursday 14th July The Order of the Redeemed music drop

Thursday 21st July Prelimary study for the first lecture

Saturday 30th July First lecture & 1/1 fine art drop

Thursday 4th August Special announcement

Thursday 11th August Generative art teaser

Thursday 18th August Unlocking of portal features (3)

Thursday 25th August The Grand Reveal

Thursday 1st September The transition of the Cult Club

Thursday 8th September The Supreme Council

Sunday 18th September Final Revelation token drop


Carbon negative NFT quest


The Polygon developer team working on the Dr.Death portal are also creating portals for UFC 


The first metaverse school of philosophy

The Order of the Redeemed Token (REDUCED FILE SIZE) 1mb.jpg



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Imagine if you owned a limited edition of Plato’s Republic, Andre Breton’s Surrealism Manifesto or Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principa Mathematica.


This is a new era of philosophical thought, and with it comes new technology and new means of distribution.


The Order of the Redeemed is the mystery school of philosophy within my artistic & social movement Redemptionism. I’ve used this phrase a lot since the start of this collection and now it is time to fully understand what I mean by this. Throughout history artists, philosophers & scientist have built upon the academia of the past to understand and describe the structure and behaviour of the universe, from rational laws of mathematics to irrational laws of human emotion. Through these works we have seen entire social movements in society, Confucianism, the Age of Enlightenment, existentialism. Now is the time for 21st century’s artistic & social movement, now is the dawn of the Era of Redemption.


The utility of the 10k collection is the written academic work, the keystone to the entire movement.


I will continue to theorise and articulate the ideologies of the Era of Redemption, and with each finalised piece of written work: short essay, poem, critical analysis, essay (to name a few) I will mint into a limited edition of 18 NFT’s and airdrop them randomly to The Order of the Redeemed NFT holders, for free. Each piece of written work we will have 18 random winners. The first lecture will be an insight into the functionality of this utility, to be airdropped once all 10k generative artwork NFTs have been minted.


The limited editions of 18 will be split accordingly: 9 for Zilliqa & 9 for Polygon, 3 of each set will have a special illustration accompanying the text, the ultra rare manuscripts of Redemptionisms academia.


These written NFT’s will only be given to The Order of the Redeemed generative NFT holders to sell and profit or hold if they please, for you are the ‘Keepers of the Knowledge’.


Wilcuma to the Era of Redemption my friends, this is the age of liberation.


3 special edition NFT's for each blockchain


Free NFT airdrops


Every generative NFT held is a chance to win